The international exhibition-competition of masters of dolls and toys "ART DOLL SHOW" is held at large exhibition spaces, in capitals and large cities of different countries of the world. This is a unique international project, in which not only authors from different countries of the world take part, but also the most representative jury from more than 30 countries of the world!

August 17-22, 2021
Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists (20, Kuznetsky Most Street, Moscow).

Project website: www.artdoll.org 

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The ARTDOLL international exhibition-competition of doll and toy masters is organized by the Eurasian Art Union, in cooperation with a number of international public organizations and magazines. ARTDOLL notes and encourages advances in the design and creation of dolls, toys and gifts.

The project is carried out in three forms - exhibition, fair and competition. An auction is traditionally held as part of the exhibition. To evaluate the works presented at the exhibition and fair, a jury is convened, which includes both professional authors who have awards and recognition of other doll projects and auctions, as well as representatives of the doll and gift industry.

The jury evaluates each work presented at the ARTDOLL project for its overall aesthetic appeal, perfection of concept, design and execution, as well as the quality of materials and workmanship. The works with the highest number of points receive prizes and become nominees for the Public Dolls Awards.

The international exhibition and competition ARTDOLL includes the following contests:

1. International competition of author's dolls
2. International competition of author's toys
3. International contest of author's gift

The works submitted for the competition are highly artistic exclusive works created from various materials- textiles, plastic, wool, wood, porcelain, papier-mache, non-traditional materials.

Exhibition venues
The exhibition of competitive works is placed on respectable exhibition sites in capitals and major cities around the world.
All works submitted to the contest are evaluated by famous masters of the world of author's dolls and toys, as well as representatives of the doll and toy industry.
The results of the work of the jury, representing countries and peoples living on six continents, are represented by the overall arithmetic mean score, and is the most independent rating that can be rightfully proud of.
Special opinion
We ask the jury members to share their thoughts on the competition entries they saw and write a few words about their favorite works. If a member decides to express his SPECIAL opinion about the author's skill, then we will publish these words on the website, in the catalog and in the diploma!
The prospects
We invite to the jury not only famous masters of doll craft, but also representatives of the industry. Participants have an additional chance to turn their individual achievements into collectible works that will bring a permanent income to the author.
All participants are published In the international publication "ART DOLL in the WORLD".
The catalog also publishes the words of masters of doll art from among the jury members who wrote a few words about the author or the competition work.
All contestants receive diplomas of the participant, and the winners-the diploma of the laureate. Winning the contest means the highest level of the contest work and a high rating of the author's skill recognition. We will apply for inclusion of the laureates in the Eurasian Art Union.
In 2021, the ARTDOLL international exhibition and competition of doll and toy masters will be held in the following countries: Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, and Israel.
Authors who have won prizes, by the decision of the organizing Committee, are sent to international doll fairs.
Contacts of the organizing committee in moscow:
Phone numbers: +7 495 5068044, +7 925 4338821
WhatsApp / Telegram: +7 925 0223303
Phone (multi-channel): +7 495 1182221
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Project website: www.artdoll.org